10 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Excited About Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5

8. Blomkamp's Already Written Himself Into A Hole

OK, let's get the Engineer helmet in the room out of the way. The concept art got most people's attention not for the eco space station or warehoused derelict, but because it prominently featured Hicks and Ripley. With Michael Biehn and Sigourney Weaver both looking a bit older than they did in 1986, it seemed like anything onwards from Alien 3, which unceremoniously bumped Hicks off at the start and killed Ripley at the end, was about to be written out of existence. Except that isn't the case; Blomkamp has since stated he's not retconning the events of 3 or Resurrection, instead telling a story somewhat within the same world. Now that makes about as much sense as throwing Predators into the mix. So, what's going on? Are these clones Ripley and Hicks? Did they have an unseen adventure between the second and third film by way of the fountain of youth? Or will time travel rear its head in yet another long-running franchise? No matter what the explanation, expect it to be a major contrivance that invests more time than is reasonable into simply ensuring two films nobody likes can still be in the box set.

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