10 Remarkably Average Movies That Were Hyped To Crazy Levels

Seriously, they weren’t that good.

Alex Leadbeater

Film Editor

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

A film being OK isn’t a bad thing. It went in, fought the good fight and entertained a little. Wasn’t perfect but not a bad way to spend two hours.

However, when a film has been sold as an ohmygod-best-movie-evar spectacle and it ends up ‘just’ OK, people react in strange ways. Some shut their ears and lalala through every criticism, thinking if they buy the hype enough then it’s true. Others sink deep into hyper-disappointment, unable to find anything remotely redeemable in this film they previously held with deity-like adoration.

Whichever camp you fall into (and as spawn of the internet it’s probably been both at one time or another), over-hype can be a movie-ruiner, blinding you to a film’s real merits. Escape the publicity jargon and fan expectation, however, and you can accept a film as OK and move on to better things (All Is Lost was pretty damn good – check that out).

Here are ten otherwise OK films that have such impassable hype surrounding them that have, now or in the past, blinded many to what they actually are.