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Filmgoers have many pet peeves: plot holes, bad lighting, terrible audio and porn star acting. We also hate it when rock stars try to act and actors try to be rock stars (see: Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson and Lindsay Lohan.  on Johnson and Lindsay Lohan’s music videos are great unintentional comedy sketches whereas Eddie Murphy’s duet with Michael Jackson floating in the air is just painful).

However, when rock stars can actually act, we are pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, we are surprised that they are so good that we barely recognize them in their roles until a Whatculture article or your savvy film friend points it out to you.

Hence, we present 10 Rock Star movie Cameos You Never Noticed.


10. Aimee Mann – The Big Lebowski

aimme mann

For the 80s music fanatics, you may know Aimee Mann as the frontwoman for the neo-wave group ‘Til Tuesday.  For cinephiles, she wrote and sang majority of the songs for P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia.  The song “Save Me” earned her an Academy Award and Grammy nomination (she lost to Phil Collins and Macy Gray respectively).

However, in the Coen Brothers’ brilliant comedic film noir The Big Lebowski, she is the woman/german nihilist who has nine toes.  She only utters a menu order in German, which another nihilist translates as ‘lingonberry pancakes.’

However, Aimee Mann is not the only actor in her family as her husband has also played a part in another Paul Thomas Anderson film.

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This article was first posted on August 13, 2013