10 Scariest Cursed Items In Horror Movie History

The most powerful and most terrifying items in horror.

New Line Cinema

Thinking about renovating your home anytime soon? Well, that's nice and all, but don't go to any second-hand shops, or garage sales, or old dusty attics, or anywhere else you can't get yourself a solid sales receipt and a refund guarantee should there happen to be a centuries-old demon lurking inside. Because unfortunately - if films are anything to go by - pesky creatures from the underworld have a habit of infesting these things.

Unfortunately, the characters in these movies learned the hard way: if it's a beautiful antique that will really set off your dining room, there's probably something deeply, demonically wrong with it.

Over the years, there have been some incredibly powerful horror artefacts uncovered and more often than not, they lead to some seriously bad things happening...

10.  Lament Configuration - Hellraiser

Dimension Films

A box not dissimilar to a Rubik's Cube, this charming little contraption is not for the faint-hearted. If you manage to solve the puzzle, instead of the warm feeling of pride as you chuck the thing to one side never to be touched again, you instead get a host of interdimensional demonic creatures intent on inflicting nothing but pain appearing in your living room.

The Cenobites and their leader Pinhead are intrinsically connected to the Lament Configuration, and cracking their code is enough to bring them forth from whatever plane they so happen to be inhabiting.

You'd think they would offer up a prize for managing to get them out, but the clue really is in the name here with 'Lament.' They could be clearer by calling it the 'Tear You Apart With Hooks Puzzle You Shouldn't Solve', but that's hardly as catchy.

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