10 Scenes In The Dark Knight Trilogy That Should Have Been Cut

9.' No More Dead Cops!' - The Dark Knight

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPP6XAsPbz8 The Dark Knight is an excellent film but it doesn't portray the citizens of Gotham as very bright. You've got the pushy and morally questionable ferry passengers, some of which would not hesitate to blow up the ferry of prisoners - blowing up all the innocent officers and ferry drivers as well. There's the callous TV show host of Gotham Tonight who wants the cameraman to keep rolling as they run through the studio trying to find an exit for Reese before a bloodthirsty member of Gotham tries to shoot him. Finally, we have Gotham City Police officers; this film doesn't give them that much time but enough for us to think maybe Batman should find a new city to defend. I jest of course but, the scene which emphasises this the most is during the press conference where Harvey Dent lets the public know that Batman is willing to turn himself in to stop the Joker from killing more people. When Dent tries to convince them to ignore the Joker's demands they obviously refuse. One police officer shouts the embarrassingly blunt line 'no more dead cops!' I don't know why but this line makes me cringe every time, I think it's because the line itself is so stupid. Did people really think the Joker would stop and go home once Batman was ousted? It's a silly, unnecessary line that makes the people of Gotham seem like five year olds.

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