10 Seriously Secret Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

10. Pixar Trailer - Monsters Inc.


Here's a little egg that's completely obvious once you're aware of it, although it's one you probably won't have noticed until the images are shown together. We're talking, of course, about this little trailer, which was first glimpsed in A Bug's Life, as Flik made his epic journey from Ant Island to the big city. The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice that the trailer inhabitant's vehicle of choice is the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

Rather cleverly, Pixar decided to re-use this little set (complete with identical framing) in Monsters Inc., when bad guy Randall (as voiced by Steve Buscemi) finds himself flung through a magic doorway and ends up getting whacked to a pulp by an angry hillbilly woman wielding a shovel.


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