10 Sexiest Movie Moments

9. Desperado

Robert Rodriguez's classic action film made just about every straight male on the planet a fan of Salma Hayek (who will make another appearance in this list later on), and of course, Antonio Banderas was already regarded as something of a dream-boat by the heterosexual female contingent. Putting the two together, then, was a stroke of genius, with their sure Latin chemistry becoming greatly, collar-adjustingly apparent in this smoking sex scene that takes place during the middle of the film. It's a producer's dream to have scenes like this to sell their film with, taking on another dimension entirely when, after the rutting, Baneras runs one of his spurs over Hayek's nude body. Everything from the lighting, to the direction reminds us that more thought is put into these scenes - at least the better ones - than we probably are ever likely to appreciate. We dare you to maintain your composure through this one.
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