10 Shocking (But Believable) Theories About Upcoming Movies

10. Darth Vader Will Appear (In Some Form) €“ Star Wars Episode VII

The notion of a seventh Star Wars seemed ridiculous before Disney€™s acquisition of Lucasfilm. The six film saga is, after all, the story Anakin Skywalker, who by the end of Return Of The Jedi had passed on into the realm of blue ghosts. How can there be a seventh entry without it feeling like a tag-on? The recent announcement that the film will feature Luke, Han and Leia as the leads sheds some light on the matter, making it a space soap opera slowly shifting focus over time, but that doesn€™t escape the fact there€™s going to be a large, Vader-shaped hole in the film. Unless, as some very early rumour did suggest, the Jedi-cum-Sith-cum-Jedi plays a part in the film after all. I€™m not suggesting a full on resurrection a la Palpatine in the Dark Empire storyline, but to not expect an extended cameo of some form would be incredibly naive. J.J. Abrams famously brought Leonard Nimoy into the Star Trek preboot and being much more into Lucas than Roddenberry, he€™s even more in tune what Star Wars fans want. Be it through a force ghost apparition (no Hayden please) or a darker, mask-invoking vision, expect him to give us (and the film€™s marketing) a much-needed Vader fix.

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