10 Shocking Nude Scenes In Otherwise Family Friendly Films

Nudity is rife in our films. But while seeing breast or even genitals in an 18 rated film is part…

Alex Leadbeater

Film Editor


Nudity is rife in our films. But while seeing breast or even genitals in an 18 rated film is part for the course, it’s not really expected in a PG. And yet, as this list will show, there’s plenty of incidents when some serious nudity sneaks past the censors and makes it out there for all children to see.

The view on nudity has changed a lot as cinema’s developed as medium. The Hays code in the forties and fifties kept a tight lock on any form of vulgar material, including even basic hints at sex. Slowly things laxed; swearing in blockbusters and increased fantasy violence opened up and with it arse and breast shots became that more acceptable. Some parents still complained, but they’re viewed as the grumpy minority.

Family rated nudity can prove incredibly awkward; for children of the right age there’s nothing worse than watching these movies with their parents. To others it works as a bridge into serious cinema, showing the limitations, or lack thereof, of the medium. Whatever the purpose, it’s always surprising to see. So here for you’re viewing pleasure are ten moments of ungracious nudity in films just about anyone could see. For the purposes of accuracy, every film on this list received either a 12A/PG-13 or lower in either the US, the UK or in most cases both.

I’m a big fan of the current direction film classification has taken – looking at the intent of a movie as what’s actually on screen – but even I was shocked by some these entries. What’s worth noting about these points is how many of them are from films released decades ago. So often modern cinema is blamed for being overly sexualised, despite it being that way for a long time.

But enough with all that. It’s time to give you all what you came here to see; risque, family friendly nudity. Warning – all this is suitable for children, as long as they’re accompanied by a responsible adult.