10 Simple Fixes That Would Have Saved The Star Wars Prequels

Far more than just blowing Jar Jar Binks out of an airlock...

Back in the 1990s, the world rejoiced at the news that George Lucas was going to make a second Star Wars trilogy. The story of the fall of the Jedi, the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Clone Wars and Anakin Skywalker's descent into the dark side had been speculated on, but never fully revealed. Now audiences were finally getting the complete story. More Star Wars was coming and even memories of cuddly Ewoks could not quell that excitement. But perhaps the Ewoks should have been a warning. The Phantom Menace gave audiences trade negotiations, a bratty child and Jar Jar Binks. Attack Of The Clones was surprisingly worse with so much CGI audiences felt as if they were watching a cartoon and an atrocious attempt at a love story. Revenge Of The Sith was better, largely due to the fact that it had some meaty story lines to deal with, but even then that film was far from perfect. Now, ten years later audiences are about to get their first taste of at least five new Star Wars films, sans George Lucas. J.J. Abrams will direct Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson Episode VIII, while Gareth Edwards will direct Felicity Jones in the first spin off Rogue One. But for all the buzz and excitement over these new adventures, there is some audience trepidation after the last three films. The tragedy of the Star Wars prequel trilogy is that it could have been amazing. There was so much backstory to cover that each film could have been just as thrilling as any of the films in the Original Trilogy. This article looks at 10 simple fixes that could have made the Star Wars prequels better. Not necessarily amazing, but good enough to save them from the disasters they became.

Honourable Mention - Jar Jar Binks

The only character in fiction more despised that Joffrey won't make the list proper. Frankly, there is nothing about this character that could have been saved.

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