10 Simple Tips To Instantly Improve Your Screenplay


Welcome to a new series of articles we€™re running here at WhatCulture, prior to a new section of the site that will be opening up soon €“ one which will focus entirely on the subject of screenwriting.

Previously, I€™ve explored the screenwriting mechanics working behind The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Django Unchained and Iron Man 3. I€™ve also offered out a few handy tips for beginners who might just be getting into screenwriting, and recommended the screenplays that I believe every aspiring writer should get acquainted with. Today, I€™ll be offering out 10 simple ways to improve whatever screenplay you happen to be writing at this time...

If you go looking for screenwriting tips online, you'll certainly find 'em. The internet is packed to the brim with screenwriting tips of all shapes and sizes, many of which can prove themselves to be totally invaluable in the sum of one small sentence, whilst others seem to exist purely to contradict everything and anything you've ever read or learnt about the craft. Some tips, of course, will only work for certain people, although a truly "great" screenwriting tip should benefit all those who read it. For this article, I've tried to assemble 10 of that kind - tips that will help you to make your screenplay better right now, in just a few simple steps...

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