10 Star Wars Anthology Movies That Need To Happen

Through the Force, things you will see.


The Internet is currently lighting up in excitement for The Last Jedi, and then we've got Lord and Miller’s upcoming Han Solo spin-off, and fans are speculating wildly about what form Disney’s next anthology movie will take, and now Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has just said that she hopes it will be announced this summer.

Scheduled for release in 2020, there are plenty of theories circulating about the nature of the movie, with most people hoping for specific prequel stories, genre homages, or standalone character spin-offs.

But the Star Wars universe is such a vast and complex fictional entity, and with a financial juggernaut like Disney calling the shots, there are even more interesting and experimental directions you could take the series, particularly when given the license and creative freedom to go somewhat ‘off book’.

That’s exactly what these anthology movies can do, if harnessed properly, and if Disney’s first run of three proves to be both critically and commercially successful, there’s endless potential to explore the more weird and wonderful sides of Star Wars canon in future instalments.

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