10 Superhero Films That Abused Us Worse Than Fantastic Four

6. Ghost Rider

Nicolas Cage stars as a man whose head catches fire, turns into a burning skull and gives him superpowers while he rides about on a motorcycle which is also on fire. What's not to love? Almost all of Ghost Rider, apparently, which holds the record for being the most boring film ever made about a Hell biker whose head catches fire and lets him throw also flaming chains at people. Great as the man is, there's no denying that Cage was miscast for the role (which really should have gone to someone at least ten years younger), while the action needed to be harder and more brutal than it turned out to be. To see how this thing could have been done right, see the example of Cage's own Drive Angry. Ghost Rider's sequel is a completely different beast. Still bad, but at least it has personality, which is more than we can say for this training wheels disappointment.

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