10 Superhero Movie Clichés That Need To Die

4. "He's Dead... Oh, Wait!"

IRON MAN 3 This is becoming more and more frequent because, hey, it's cinema, though that still doesn't mean its not getting kind of lackluster. And this one applies a little more to superheroes than movies in general, though it does happen in both. And it's this: at the end of the movie, something happens (an explosion, say) and everybody thinks that, oh, no, Tony Stark is dead! For drama's sake, the movie is trying to have you believe that such a thing might be possible. But no, c'mon: how dumb do you think we are? You have a character who makes you billions of dollars and you want us to believe you'd kill him off for the sake of dramatics? Maybe there's no way around it, but it sure as heck isn't dramatic - not when you know there's more at stake for box office receipts than the beloved superhero that's supposed to be "near-death."
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