10 Surefire Oscar Contenders Still To Come In 2013

8. Gravity

GravityWhat Is It: Gravity is overtly simple in its premise as it seemingly follows two astronauts falling in space after a disastrous and unfortunate accident. That's the entire movie, nothing less and nothing more. George Clooney is working in the role evoking fear and danger but much criticism has come towards the extrinsic casting of Sandra Bullock. I will admit she was not very convincing and unintentionally humorous bumbling around screaming but I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until witnessing the full film. Gravity could potentially answer the much debated argument of if her Oscar for The Blind Side was a fluke or deserved. Why It Could Win Awards: Alfonso Cuaron has proven himself as a fantastic director with the Oscar nominated Children of Men and his excellent adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. If Gravity can encapsulate the sense of dread and hopeless of Danny Boyle€™s 127 Hours than it will buck the criticism and receive award nominations. The film's quality will live and die by instilling the horrors of endlessly and aimlessly floating in space avoiding astroid debris.

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