10 Surprisingly Violent Deaths In Family Friendly Movies

1. Dietrich, Toht, And Belloq (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

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Current BBFC Rating: PG (A/PG in cinemas).

Cause of Death: Face melted off (Dietrich and Toht) head explodes (Belloq).

We're not here to judge the BBFC, at all, but a PG? For this? Not even a 12? Excellent call.

Indy isn't really known for its horror or violence, and that's why scenes like this one - and the previous Temple Of Doom entry - are all the more ghastly when they land.

It's the titular Ark that's responsible for the bloodshed here, as Belloq and his two favourite henchmen, oblivious to the power they are about to unleash, have their heads exploded and faces melted off by a burning vortex of energy - with every little detail shown on camera.

Most of us grew up watching this one as kids, leading to many sleepless nights as the sight of a man's flesh and blood melting off his face jumped in and out of our heads.

It's the darkest moment across the entire four-film saga, and while the effects haven't aged as well as you'd hope, it's still scarily effective.


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