10 Tear-Jerking Moments In Incredibly Macho Movies

Wade Saving Private Ryan

Men have come a long way in the last fifty years or so, but the process of evolution is still slow and - like the remnants of our vestigial tail - a certain breed of man still walks among us: men who are unable to show any sort of emotion. They watched the end Toy Story 3 and thought: "Pah!" They watched the first ten minutes of Up and were all:"Meh!." They sat down to the final scene in The Notebook and thought: "Huh?"

You know the type. They have 'Love & Hat' tattooed on their knuckles (they've lost a finger), they own a walking set of jaws (nominally referred to as a "dog"), and they love using the rhetorical question "What you looking at?" Round our way these guys are usually called Shane, Wayne or Dwayne, and they almost always exist in a bubble of confusion and chemically-induced rage.

There is only one thing that helps prevent the world's A&E wards and ER rooms filling up with the broken bones and bloodied noses of those who cross their paths, and that is the release they get from watching films about men being men... and killing other men. Fortunately, during some of the best action films, it's possible for some genuine emotion to find its way out of these characters - join us for a look at 10 films imbued with the ability to make these bastions of masculinity shed a tear or two, temporarily saving us all from a good kicking...


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