10 More Terrible Extras Who Completely Ruined Their Scenes [VIDEO]

Extras doing what they do best.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x21uixm_10-more-extras-who-completely-ruined-their-scenes_shortfilms It's a very unfortunate reality that most filmmakers can't stretch their budgets to fill their scenes with convincing professional actors. This means that the majority of films feature everyday folk (and a few seasoned individuals!), like me and you filling out the background as extras, the job is usually just that, fill out the background, be inconspicuous, act 'normal'. But sticking a camera in front of a non/semi-professional, telling them to act natural and to not draw any attention to themselves obviously goes wrong on a regular basis. For people with no experience, it's often a confidence thing, but sometimes it comes from thinking too much about the direction given - 'He said chew, can they see me chewing? He wanted me to laugh! Why can't I laugh? Is my face doing that thing again!?!?' Although the majority of mistakes made by extras will never see the light of day, some are inevitably left in the film, be it through poor editing, lack of shot coverage or financial constraints. This is a celebration of 10 more instances where extras have, in one way or another, completely ruined the scene they were asked to take part in, whether it be nonchalantly beating up a child whilst singing and dancing, or being the long-dead King himself - Elvis Presley, these extras were terrible and it was caught on celluloid for all to see. Let the scenery chewing begin.

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