10 Terrible Movies That Tricked Us With Awesome Posters

10. Suicide Squad

Warner Bros.

What The Poster Promised Us: Pop art inspired and taking a cue from sugary kids’ cereal, this candy coloured Suicide Squad poster is the visual equivalent of an E-number and hints that DC might finally be getting over that taking itself far too seriously shtick and giving us a fun, pulpy movie.

See that little Joker shaped piece of cereal in the upper left corner? That would suggest he’s in the film for a sizeable amount of time, right?

What We Actually Got: Well, we were wrong about the Joker.Despite being one of the most hyped aspects of the Suicide Squad, Jared Leto’s Joker was only in the film for around 15 minutes.

What could’ve been DC’s answer to Guardians of the Galaxy is instead dark and derivative and the only thing it has in common with this overflowing bowl of cereal is its equally cluttered narrative.

Suicide Squad Poster
Warner Bros.

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