28 Days Later

People are always getting things wrong when it comes to movies – character names, plot twists, the order of a non-linear narrative. Usually it’s because they weren’t paying attention, or because they don’t care enough, or – in rare cases – they lack the brain power to work out what’s actually happening. Sometimes it’s because a movie was genuinely confusing, and another watch is required to fully understand the extent of the story. It doesn’t matter, of course, because movies are there to be re-watched and approached again and again. That’s the beauty of the medium.

There are some movie-based misconceptions, however, that seem to have arisen because people “heard it from a friend.” Or because they haven’t actually seen the movie in question, and are basing their knowledge on pure conjecture. But it’s not always our fault: sometimes the movie in question fails to address a certain element with the right amount of clarification, and as a result… well, people end up spending their entire lives believing something that isn’t exactly true. So here are 10 things of that variety – things people tend to get wrong about famous movies, many of which have become – for some reason – common misconceptions within our society…

How many did you have wrong?

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This article was first posted on August 21, 2013