10 Things Fans Hated About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The reveal of Kylo's lightsaber was nothing.

Star Wars Snoke

Forget left/right political ideologies, forget fans vs. critic debates and everything in between - the sign of the times is where you stand on The Last Jedi.

A bold, ballsy and thoroughly important instalment in the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time, Rian Johnson's debut is clearly a work of passion - though almost every last choice he's made in advancing the galaxy far, far away has peed off just as many as those who enjoyed the ride.

Spoilers will abound from here on in, as say what you like about The Force Awakens, it introduced a good number of "mystery boxes" - setups that were designed to have some sort of payoff down the line. Now, the reality of things is that J.J. Abrams handed off his box of Star Wars toys to the next person in line, leaving them to tie off and/or satisfy fans with no mandate or prerogative.

The result is clearly Johnson standing firm, deciding that with him in charge, this is going to be what he's dreamed of making his entire life.

Such a direction is commendable, but as the 56% aggregate user score on Rotten Tomatoes points out, there are tens of thousands of fans that are less than pleased...

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