10 Things Filmmakers Need To Stop Doing Immediately

Just stop.

20th Century Fox

There is little doubt that filmmakers have a tough job. Not in the same way that coal miners or paramedics do, of course, but making a film is difficult; making a great film, even more so. There are so many variables at play, from budgetary and time constraints, the scheduling of everyone involved, and the pressure from producers to do things a certain way or with certain people.

The variable most difficult to predict, and the one that is impossible to get right for everyone, is the eternally annoying fact that people’s opinions on what is good or bad varies wildly.

Filmmakers have to contend with full reviews from professional critics right through to any Tom, Dick or Harry on Twitter, in which this piece of art that they have poured their heart and soul in for months, or even years, could potentially be summed up with a glib hashtag, like #theworst

That said: this enclosed list contains things that – in the perfect world we are all trying to create together – should not be happening in motion pictures from this point forward. None of the things listed will completely ruin a film in most cases, or even get close to doing so, but it is still best to play it safe and stop doing them immediately.

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