10 Things That Annoy You About New Star Wars That Didn't Bother Original Trilogy Fans

Why does every Star Wars character need a complex backstory?


Six years and four movies after spending a massive $4 billion on acquiring Lucasfilm (and with it the rights to Star Wars), Disney have handed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy a new three year contract that will allow her to oversee the rest of the sequel trilogy and the beginning of whatever comes after.

Of course, given the enormity of the property, some backlash against the Disney Star Wars films was as inevitable as Disney not taking too long to earn that 4 billion back. Nevertheless, the scale of the negativity that some Star Wars fans have toward the Disney Star Wars films, The Last Jedi in particular, has been surprising.

Surprising because so much of the anger directed towards the new Star Wars films made under Disney and Kennedy is predicated on the idea that the new films are screwing things up by making plot and character decisions that would have no place in the original trilogy. That, though, is simply not true.

Kennedy may have thrown out George Lucas' story treatments for the sequel trilogy and banished the confusing mess of the multi-media extended universe to non-canonical status, but the creator's insistence that elements of the prequels and sequels should rhyme with and reflect on their predecessors remains.

Yes, there are some things that seem really to infuriate fans about the Star Wars films getting released today that also featured in the beloved original trilogy to very little negative response.

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