10 Things That Make Italian Horror And Exploitation Cinema So Good

Dario Argento Italian horror and exploitation films are like Marmite - you either enter into the spirit of things and love them or you think they are the trashiest films on the planet. I am firmly in the former camp. I acknowledge that Italian horror/exploitation can be very derivative - essentially copying ideas from other more accomplished horror movies in a clumsy and inept fashion. However when you get to the core of Italian exploitation there are many rare and wonderful jewels to be found and a serious amount of talent to boot. Argento, Bava, Fulci, Dallamano, D'Amato, Martino to name but a few. Italian horror and exploitation cinema has a wider audience than its native Italy, garnering fans from all around the world who love these little gems. I have written the Top 10 best things about Italian horror and exploitation and I would love some feedback from you.
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