10 Things To Expect From Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

10. More Female-Led Superhero Movies

Captain America Civil War Black Widow
Marvel Studios

The recent critical and box office success of the DC Extended Universe's Wonder Woman is sure to light a fire under Marvel when it comes to female-led superhero movies, especially as it'll be the MCU's 21st movie, Captain Marvel, that will be the first to feature a female lead. DC, for all their faults, managed it in just four films.

It's pretty embarrassing for such a successful brand, and as such it's rather likely that Phase 4 will feature a Black Widow solo movie, at least one Captain Marvel sequel, possibly a Wasp solo adventure, and many more that fans haven't even begun to think of yet.

There's clear fan demand for it, as evidenced no better than by Wonder Woman's incredible success, so there's really no excuse not to proceed as soon as possible.


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