10 Things To Expect From Upcoming DCEU Movies

Affleck is going out (probably).

Bruce Wayne Flashpoint
Warner Bros & DC Comics

It's fair to say that the DC Extended Universe hasn't gotten off to the most encouraging start, with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad receiving mixed notices from fans and critics alike.

The recent Wonder Woman is the only DCEU movie to date to get a general thumbs-up, but with six movies officially named and dated and almost a dozen other projects in the pipeline, this is obviously just the beginning of Warner Bros' struggling cinematic enterprise.

With much regarding the franchise's future remaining up in the air, it's a ripe opportunity to speculate on what exactly the upcoming slate of movies is likely to deliver in terms of shaping the DCEU.

Who will emerge as the dominant hero? What roles will Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck have to play? Is that Cyborg movie really going to happen?

These are just a few of the grand mysteries surrounding the much-discussed superhero universe, and with a combination of speculation and reading between the lines, it's possible to take an educated stab at just what might happen, and what you should certainly be anticipating...


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