10 Things We Learned About Cinema In 2017

Good movies, bad sequels, dead universes and a corporate merger. Just the usual, then.

Warner Bros/Marvel/Disney

With 2017 rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror and awards season recently moving into full swing, the next several months will feature plenty of polite applause, disgruntled loser's faces and plenty of back-slapping as Hollywood congratulates itself while celebrating the last year in cinema.

As those involved in the industry decide among themselves which movie, writers, actors, actresses, editors, composers, costume designers and more are deemed to be remembered as 2017's best, the rest of us will reflect on the last twelve months in a slightly different way; with year-in-review lists that delve into the minutiae of 2017, both the very best and horrifying worst. Obviously.

There are few that will likely remember 2017 as an important year in the history of cinema, in front of the camera at least, but that's not to say it was dull. The last twelve months have shown Hollywood at its most over-indulgent and excessive, yet also at its most creative and imaginative with pretty much everything in between.

It wasn't great, but it wasn't too terrible either. Last year in a nutshell, pretty much. Hopefully those in the industry will have learned a few new lessons to take with them into the rest of 2018, because we definitely picked up on a few things.

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