10 Things You Didn't Know About James Dean

3. His First Professional Acting Gig Was A Pepsi Commercial

Breaking into the entertainment industry and finding a spot at the top is almost never an easy task and while James Dean may have gotten to that point rather fast, it still didn't happen overnight.

He spent his high school and college days as a fairly respected thespian, acting in various, school-run stage performances. However, his first actual job as a professional actor didn't come until one of his fraternity brothers invited him to take part in a Pepsi commercial that he had landed, in which Dean would join a group of others in singing the soft drink's jingle.

This would mark Dean's very first appearance on television and after making a good impression, was invited to take part in another commercial. The producer of which would also later hire him to play the role of John the Apostle in Hill Number One, an Easter TV special.

Dean would eventually drop out of college in order to pursue professional acting full-time.

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