10 Things You Learn Rewatching Goldfinger

10. The Pre-Title Scene Is Goofy As Hell

Goldfinger Sean Connery Tuxedo

Goldfinger as a whole may not be a paragon of seriousness, but you might've forgotten just how daft that opening pre-title sequence really is, as Bond (Sean Connery) dismantles a drug lab in Latin America.

In order to sneak onto the island, Bond swims to it while wearing a wetsuit with a fake bird as a helmet, before taking out the guards with ease, planting blasting gel on some conveniently-placed nitro barrels (totally what you want in a drug lab), and removing his wetsuit to reveal a perfectly-pressed white tuxedo underneath.

It only gets more ridiculous from there, though: we find out the owner of the drug lab was using heroin-flavoured bananas to finance his revolution (!), Bond manages to detect an incoming assailant at his hotel in the glint of a beautiful woman's eye, and then kills the guy by throwing him into a full bathtub and hurling a lamp in, electrocuting him.

And of course, Bond signs it off with the customary one-liner, "Shocking. Positively shocking." Yes, it's as cool and bada** as you might remember, but does anyone recall the opener being quite this ridiculous?


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