10 Things You Learn Watching Halloween (2018)

Michael Myers returns with a bang for a sequel that's worth the wait...


The time is finally upon us. After weeks and weeks of going through every single Halloween film to ever be released, we've reached the end of our journey. Blumhouse's new Halloween film is officially in theaters, lighting up the box office, and getting a stellar reception from fans and critics alike.

By all accounts, it seems to be the Halloween sequels that audiences have been waiting decades for. Which is made all the more impressive when considering that this is a film that effectively writes every previous sequel out of continuity, pleasing a rabid fanbase of horror aficionados was never exactly going to be an easy thing.

So on our final week of this journey, let's dig in and see if Halloween 2018 is really as great as its reputation would suggest. Is it just another Halloween sequel, or is it something more? Let's find out...

10. The Music Is Incredible


This new Halloween film has definitively the greatest soundtrack of any of these films since the original.

With John Carpenter returning to score his first Halloween film since Season of the Witch, all the way back in 1982, he brings an entirely new sensibility with him. Working alongside his son Cody Carpenter and fellow musician Daniel Davies (the team that has been touring with him as of late and recreating his most iconic work for his live shows), Carpenter is able to craft a soundtrack that hones in on exactly what makes his music so great.

They create updated versions of all of Carpenter's iconic themes from the original film, including the Halloween Theme, which has arguably never sounded better. But where the score really shines is actually in the new music they have crafted.

New tracks like The Shape Hunts Allyson are entirely new with sweet '80s synth and blaring tones that fit so perfectly in with the aesthetic of the film, it's hard to believe they haven't always been a part of the franchise. Elsewhere, revisions like The Shape Burns twist iconic motifs into something even more emotional and sinister.

Carpenter and co. have truly outdone themselves here and delivered what may very well be the greatest score to ever be put together for a Halloween film, which is really saying something.


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