10 Things You Need To Know About Mission: Impossible 5

8. Returning Cast Members

Jeremy Renner Mission: Impossible €“ Ghost Protocol was originally set to serve as a passing of the torch as Tom Cruise was expected to step back and let Jeremy Renner's William Brandt take over the franchise. However, Renner's small/forgettable role in The Avengers and the disappointing performances of The Bourne Legacy and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters damaged his leading man status, so Cruise's Ethan Hunt will once again be the focus of the next movie. Despite being hard at work writing Star Trek 3, Simon Pegg's Benji Dunn will also be back, and it's rumoured that he will have a larger role this time around. Many Mission: Impossible fans were disappointed by Ving Rhames' brief (but fun) cameo as Luther Stickell in Ghost Protocol, but he too is expected to be back in a much larger capacity this time around. Unfortunately, it's not quite clear whether or not Paula Patton will be back as Jane Carter.

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