Die Hard

To serve and protect. That is the mantra of law enforcement agents the world over. But what they should have said was: To serve and protect and kick your ass. That’s what we’ve managed to gleam from all our time spent watching movies with totally badass cop characters in them dishing out their own brand of personal kick ass justice to bad guys the world over.

Love them or hate them badass cops are by far the most entertaining law men in cinema and television. Sure it’s nice to root for the good guy sometimes but it’s way more fun to root for the good guy who has no qualms blowing a crooks head clean off if the occasion calls for it. But let’s not forget the cops who are totally badass but are out only for themselves too. Killer cops, corrupt cops and psychos dressed as cops are all a real treat for cinema goers as we salivate at the mayhem they cause and the body count they leave in their wake.

However you slice it we love badass cops. To show our appreciation for this staple of the film industry we’ve compiled our list of the 10 greatest badass cops you really never want to mess with. You can join the discussion by tweeting us @WhatCulture using the hash tag #psychocops or in the comments section below. But for now why not hit that beautiful Next button and crack on with the list?

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This article was first posted on August 27, 2013