White Christmas

Paramount Pictures

Yes, yes, Christmas is over, but that doesn’t stop us from watching Christmas movies well into February, right? I managed to watch two of our favorite holiday movies on Christmas, namely A Christmas Story (because it is unavoidable) and the classic White Christmas.

While watching these two movies this year, of all years, a few questions were raised that I don’t believe were ever fully answered from the plot. Then I realized, there are a lot of questions left unanswered by several Christmas movies. It’s totally okay for movies to leave questions unanswered, especially if the bigger action is wrapped up neatly in a tiny little box. However, I feel that light-hearted movies like our favorite Christmas classics have no need to leave questions in audience members’ minds. It’s just… unnecessary!

What is to follow is a list of ten “Holly Jolly follies” committed by ten Christmas movies that keep me wondering what happened. Feel free to share your own unanswered questions from your favorite holiday classics if you notice they didn’t appear on this list. Perhaps we’ll all figure them out together!

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This article was first posted on December 30, 2013