10 Trailers That Completely Mis-Sold The Movie

7. Prometheus

Prometheus is guilty of two cases of mis-selling through trailers that directly led to the rather angry fan reaction. Due to the rather transparent production process, it was known from the off it was originally meant to be an Alien prequel and even though Scott himself disputed that multiple times, using the now renowned €˜DNA€™ explanation, to many fans this was a direct continuation of the series. The first trailer was in the style of the original Alien trailer, using similar musical beats and creating the same foreboding tone. This is the main reason the film is viewed by so many as a failure; it actually succeeds in what it sets out to do, it€™s just that a lot of the audience didn't know what Scott's aims were. Then there€™s the complete overkill of some of the later trailers. Way too long and showing most of the ending €“ from the trailers you know the derelict will crash due to the Prometheus smashing into it €“ these ones may have distanced the film from its source, but they painted the image of a sci-fi epic of the type it just wasn't. Prometheus was not a bad film and was the rare beast of a summer blockbuster that had smarts and film making prowess on full show, but all of its trailers made the film look like something it wasn't; a direct prequel to alien that was a horror with action, but also a reserved nature. But it isn€™t the trailers fault really, more the rabid fans salivating over something that wasn't what they originally thought. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0WUpsErUBA
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