10 Triumphs Of Low Budget Horror Film Making

10. Blood Feast (1963)

Blood Feast Ultra low budget gore fest from H G Lewis that looks like it has had a budget of maybe $50 tops. This was both H G Lewis' and David Friedman's attempt to make a horror film after they had an inkling that gory, bloody movies would sell well - as most films back then were very tame in their portrayal of death and upsetting scenes. Blood Feast busted this taboo right open. The flimsy plot concerns an Egyptian caterer called Fuad who is seeking to make an altar to his Goddess Ishtar. For this, he needs the body parts of different young women. Cue tongues being ripped out, brains being ripped out, hearts being ripped out and limbs being dismembered - all in wonderfully gruesome and nasty fashion as the blood and guts flow freely, albeit in a very cheap and shoddy way. Blood Feast, for the money it took to make it, must have massively recouped its budget about a zillion times over. Twenty years later the movie still provoked an outrage. It is such a violent film, it was the oldest movie on the Video Nasty DPP 72 banned films. Its influence is still strongly felt in the horror world and despite its crapulence, Blood Feast is an iconic film for the ages.
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