10 Unbelievable Sports Stories Hollywood Should Turn Into Movies

Zombie jockeys, on-field bonfires, ghosts, and wife-swapping... plenty of great material for Hollywood!

Hollywood loves turning inspirational real-life sports stories into movies, and many of them, including Chariots of Fire and The Blind Side, have gone on to win Oscars. While Hollywood has also made plenty of fictional movies about sports, filmmakers often ignore those incredible-but-true crazy stories from the world of sports that would also make fascinating movies because of how unbelievable they are. These stories come from professional sports from all around the world. Some of them are about far-fetched ways that sportsmen and sportswomen have won (or cheated to win) competitions, but most of them are about athletes' off-the-field behaviour that is so mind-boggling that you wouldn€™t believe it if it wasn€™t true. Because some of the best movies ever made are about implausible situations, there is no doubt that these ten stories could be turned into entertaining movies. We€™ve included pitches with each entry to give you an idea of what other movies adaptations of these outrageous-but-true stories would be like if Hollywood ever gets around to turning them into the movies they deserve to be. After reviewing this list of some of the craziest stories to happen in the world of sports, let us know which ones you think would make for the best movies in the comments!
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