What is it about science fiction that leaves so many of its entries as doomed to either being forgotten or under-appreciated? I would like to start by saying that there is no real way to do a list like this one justice. For that you could start an entire blog discussing different under-rated films and why they seem to go overlooked. Not everything can experience the success of Avatar. Even Blade Runner met mostly with disdain when it was first released.

At least Sci-Fi is finally making the comeback it deserves in mainstream movies. It seemed for the longest time that true science fiction was almost becoming a dead genre along with the action film. Somewhere in the late nineties it seems that both of these genres were blended together to form the high concept, summer blockbuster, tent-pole film with enough sci-fi to be interesting, but mostly action packed so the film could carry the broadest appeal.

While there’s nothing wrong with that there are certainly a few of us who starve for more. If you’re a true fan of science fiction than that audience is you and here are ten films to tide you over.

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This article was first posted on April 21, 2013