A strange topic for an article, I realise, but I happened to watch two films a couple of nights ago within the space of a few hours – both of which had characters in them who were physically deformed in some way.

The vast difference between the two characters – one was killing people left, right and centre and was a figure of terror, while the other was extremely endearing – made me think about the array of characters with deformities that have appeared in Hollywood movies.

Some characters were born with their deformities, while others become deformed due to accidents or experiments, and it’s very interesting to see how differently characters with deformities are portrayed and received in different movies.

With that in mind, here are ten movie characters who were severely deformed…


10. The Hill Mutants (The Hills Have Eyes)

Hills Have eyes
Following a series of nuclear tests, it turns out that a group of humans had been exposed to said tests in the nuclear testing village, which has resulted in severe deformities and mutations. The village and surrounding area was abandoned after the tests and the mutants left to live their lives in seclusion, where they bred.

The mutants in question (Lizard, Goggle, Pluto, Papa Jupiter etc), perhaps in an act of revenge for their predicament, have since preyed on any humans travelling through the New Mexico desert for many years.

In the movie, the mutants torture, kill and rape members of the Carter/Bukowski family and even kill and eat one of the family dogs.


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This article was first posted on August 9, 2013