10 Upcoming Blockbusters You Totally Forgot Were Coming In 2016

So, who's excited for the next adventure of Professor Robert Langdon? Anyone...?

Batman fighting Superman. Captain America clashing with Iron Man. Jai Courtney proving he can actually act with Suicide Squad... There€™s a lot of cool stuff to look forward to with 2016's blockbuster line-up, from long-awaited sequels (Jason Bourne, Independence Day: Resurgence) to the glorious (?) launch of DC€™s cinematic movie universe. There€™s something for just about everyone; unless of course you hate sequels or comic book movies. It€™s also one of the most crowded years in recent memory for major movies, with studios having seemingly plundered their storage lockers in a desperate bid to find anything they can turn into a money-spinner. Glossy remakes, belated follow-ups and weird spin-offs are some of the other movie delights coming in 2016; the only problem for those desperate studios is that audiences appear to have forgotten all about some of the more expensive ones. Perhaps it's just excitement fatigue: audiences can only be expected to remember so many blockbusters at once, after all. Or it could be that the studios are waiting for the right moment to build buzz for certain movies, but if that€™s the case they€™d want to get a bloody move on before other releases eat up all the hype. A great trailer could turn it all around for the following movies, but some of them feel destined to lose out in the forthcoming box-office bloodbath.

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