10 Upcoming Movie Roles That Are Completely Miscast

James Corden as an annoying talking rabbit? No thanks.


Before a movie comes out, it’s generally easy to gauge whether you’ll like it or not. You might prefer sci-fi, horror, superheroes, or drama, so anything within those boundaries will speak to your tastes.

What’s not so easy to gauge, however, is whether or not you’ll respond to the way a particular actor or actress plays a certain role.

Images, trailers, and TV spots are all fine displays of the bigger picture, but you can’t fully appreciate - or not appreciate - the full, fleshed out, undiluted performance until you actually see the finished movie.

This can result in a lot of actors feeling out of place in their roles - on the surface. The internet’s been wrong many, many times before - Heath Ledger’s Joker, Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss among the most prolific cases - but regardless, it’s hard to shake the feeling that someone just isn’t right for the part they’ve been given.

We’ll happily be proven wrong when these ten movies eventually surface, but for now, it looks like they each have a big issue in the casting department.


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