The Hobbit Smaug

Humans, as a species, seem to be born with the innate idiosyncrasy of making a big deal out of everything. We’re excitable creatures. For us, life is an extended sequence of hyperboles. Somehow, really, we never quite outgrow that pre-pubescent seven-year old that could hardly wait to open his eighth birthday presents. And that’s a good thing. It reminds one of Man’s perpetual thirst to seek joy and happiness in everything around him. But sometimes this can get downright annoying.

This behaviour gets exaggerated when it comes to pop culture. That’s a point in case. Every time there’s a clarion call for a new movie, book or album we cannot await to pull out our foam-fingers and pompoms from the closet and wave them in a state of euphoria. Movies are the main perpetrators of this crime. We place these mediums of visual pleasure on mighty pedestals and worship them devoutly. Trailers go viral. So many spoilers threaten to unveil the plot that by the end it doesn’t even matter if one of them actually does. Shirts adorn walls. Posters adorn people. Mankind threatens to annihilate itself.

I know, I’m doing it myself here. Blowing things out of size comes so naturally to us that we simply cannot help it. Movies are so intrinsic to our existence that the release date of films often holds as much significance in our lives as the countdown of a time bomb. This holds even more true when the films are sequels, because you know, imma gotta know happens next!

This list seeks to enlist (well, it is a list) the top ten movies that the world is waiting for and, in the mean time, have been blown waaaaay out of proportion.

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This article was first posted on October 16, 2013