10 Upcoming Movies That Have Already Been Saved From Sucking

The Barbie movie WON'T actually be terrible? Madness!

Warner Bros.

Before most movies go before cameras, they've been in various stages of planning and development for a good few years. Creatives come and go, actors are swapped in and out, and the script gets tweaked, polished, or even rewritten, meaning that a lot of completed projects end up looking vastly different from the way they started.

Because things change so much, any potential warning signs or red flags - things that may make you doubt the movie will be good - can easily vanish over time.

In fact, some projects can go from looking a little shaky and unconvincing when they're initially revealed, to something that's almost guaranteed to be good just a few news stories later, whether that's because of a new director, a new story idea, or a different actor leading the charge.

This has happened on plenty of occasions in the past with great results, and while these movies might not turn out to be masterpieces, it's hard not to feel optimistic about their current state of development, especially when compared to the much rockier versions that they used to be.

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