10 Upcoming Movies That Will Change Your Mind About Actors You Hate

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Jim Carrey - Kidding

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He might not be making movies currently, but there's a lot of reason to be excited for what Jim Carrey is doing next. And while the idea of him playing a beloved kids TV presenter losing his mind might sound a little... overdone in his world, Kidding should be far more complex than that.

It's directed by Michel Gondry for a start, and the way Showtime boss David Nevins talks about it makes it sound brilliant:

“No one inhabits a character like Jim Carrey, and this role – which is like watching Humpty Dumpty after the fall – is going to leave television audiences wondering how they went so long without him. With his ‘Eternal Sunshine’ partner Michel Gondry on board to direct, we are on our way to a magnetic, volcanic and emotional viewing experience.”

A serious, pathos-laden performance from Carrey? Sign us up.

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