10 Upcoming Movies With Troubled Productions

Can Dark Phoenix and The Batman bring quality out of adversity?


Movies are huge undertakings, involving millions of dollars and hundreds of moving parts working in tandem. Films take years to produce and even the products you consider lackluster are the results of meticulous planning and thousands of man hours.

Even with a solid plan and terrific crew in place things don't always go as smoothly as planned and there are occasional snags in production. Every film experiences issues in some capacity, but some movies have greater difficulties getting off the ground and onto the big screen than others. Rewrites, casting, visual effects issues and even accidents have caused problems for some major studio releases, resulting in delays, shelving and even cancellations.

The movies that are on this list are, at least for now, scheduled for release. No matter how well these films turn out, the creators can at least bask in a project that has been completed, despite major stumbles and hiccups.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog

Paramount Pictures

Sonic The Hedgehog turned into a bigger story than anyone could have imagined. What may not have started as a troubled production has recently become one.

The film debuted its first trailer late last month and it made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The trailer gave fans their first true look at Sonic and faced immediate backlash from fans for the design of the titular hedgehog. The spiked speedster sparked feelings of uncanny valley instead of the Genesis-era nostalgia Paramount was surely hoping to capture.

Sonic the Hedgehog Director Jeff Fowler heard the outcry from fans and announced via Twitter that the character would be redesigned. Although audiences should never feel entitled to changing a studio's already completed work, some credit should be given to Fowler and Paramount for listening to fans.

With that said, the visual effects team now face the daunting task of reanimating a character from scratch under a tight deadline. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off or if the movie will soon face a delay.


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