10 Upcoming Movies You Won't Believe Actually Got Made

Someone paid for these movies.

Fantastic Films

Filmmaking is a tough racket at the best of times, and filmmakers will often toil for years trying to get their singular visions made, because if you're not clinging to familiar genre thrills or big-budget superhero mayhem, it's tough to make studios care.

And so it's always a cause for celebration - or at the very least, intrigue - when a left-field movie manages to secure funding, land a cast and actually go before cameras.

So many unique movies are announced yet end up going nowhere due to the ultimate realisation from potential financiers that there's no money to be made.

Both surprising and impressive it is, then, that these 10 films, each of them expectation-defying, astoundingly weird and boasting few commercial prospects, have been shot and are either deep into post-production or have recently premiered at film festivals.

No matter what happens, these films are all coming out in one form or another - almost certainly on VOD - and regardless of their eventual quality, they're a testament to what smart, creative and above all else persistent filmmakers can actually get made...


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