10 Upcoming Netflix Movies That Are Probably Going To Suck

1. Irreplaceable You

Relativity Media

Release Date: 2018

With its awkward title and this meh-tastic plot synopsis, it's really, really difficult to be anything other than cynical about Irreplaceable You:

"The lives of two best friends and romantic soulmates comes crashing down when one is given a terminal cancer diagnosis."

Set to star two admittedly great actresses in Gugu-Mbatha Raw and Claire Holt, you can see why Netflix picked this up... it has all the makings of one of those harrowing weepies aimed a particular type of Netflix viewer (Did someone say Mums?).

But these terminal disease films are rarely ever good because they rely on the same recycled plot tropes, terrible musical cues, and cardboard characters in an attempt to manipulate your emotions. That's not to say you can't make a good film about terminal illness (50/50 was a good and original take on the genre, for example), but usually the resulting product is an unbearable, saccharine disappointment like Step Mom, or My Sister's Keeper, or - ugh - Miss You Already.

Throw in the fact that the film is written by Bess Wohl, an actress turned first time screenwriter, with a director - Stephanie Laing - who has only ever directed for TV, and it's easy to be worried. Netflix also purchased the rights to the film before they actually saw any footage, which adds yet another layer of "Uh-oh."

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