10 Villains Who Were Completely Screwed By Movie Adaptations

2.The Queen Of Hearts -€“ Alice In Wonderland

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The axe-wielding, crazed Queen Of Hearts' is one of Disney's most mysognist creations: she is the paragon of malicious hysteria, a grotesque, pompous Fury with a fetish for execution, and a perverse pleasure in casting sentence.

She is a personified warning against masculinised, immasculating feminity (her husband is about a third of her size, after all) and her ugliness, and manishness are both amplified in the animations, especially in contrast to Alice's innocent beauty.

Basically, she's a murderous, megalomaniac lunatic, and the chief antagonist of Disney's adaptation.

The Truth

In Lewis Carroll's original book, though the Queen is still unbalanced, the author is clearer to present her as a passionate buffoon, whose whims for execution are indulged, but ignored by her husband and everyone else.

She is a harmless, but still pompous obstacle on Alice's journey, fearsome, but not wholly threatening to the titular adventurer, and she is certainly not the villain she appears to be in the Disney version, no matter how famously that version is remembered.

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