10 Villains Who Were Completely Screwed By Movie Adaptations

9. Frollo €“- The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame

Frollo The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Another character relegated to a horny villain, propelled by his yearning loins, the malicious, tyrannical horn-dog villain of Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame was the worst kind of evil.

He was a lady killing, almost baby killing religious nut with a massive contradiction in his very make-up, and he was also pretty much a despicable racist. Good wholesome Disney content.

Not content with lying to Quasimodo, and keeping him hidden from the world, Frollo takes a sexy shine to Esmerelda, despite his racism and devout religion, and then tries to burn Paris down.

The Truth

This is just the first of many cases of Disney amplifying the evil of a villain from the original source, in order to better serve their more rigid moral code.

In Victor Hugo's novel, Frollo is a sympathetic villain, rather than the Machiavellian caricature he becomes in Disney's hands. He doesn't kill the gypsy woman as his first act of note, instead he takes in Quasi, who is abandoned on his doorstep.

He also has a human, relatable story: he himself was an orphan, and he is charged with taking care of his teenage brother, and it isn't until his lust grabs hold of him that he becomes more villainous. He fears women, and is disarmed by his lust so much that he goes crazy, and sets in motion a disturbingly tragic ending far more shocking than the finale of Disney's version.

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