10 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Was Better Than Homecoming

9. Peter Created His Own Suit


One of the biggest dividers among viewers of Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Iron Man-lite suit. Some liked it because of the comedy and others detested it as “it wasn’t like that in the comics”. It not being true to the source material is a valid complaint for the hardcore fanatics, but the biggest issue that emerges from Iron Man creating the suit is that it rids Peter of character.

Webb's feature demonstrates the progression of Peter becoming Spider-Man: Peter learns to wear a mask after a thug threatens that he saw his face, and the development of the suit is exhibited through the realistic devices of luchadore masks, spandex and sunglasses.

Holland’s Peter Parker is robbed of this character progression. He doesn’t create the suit and the suit does everything for him. His powers aren’t even entirely necessary as the costume can deploy over 100 different web types (including lethally toxic ones). The inclusion of Karen and the first-person HUD also makes the film and character too reminiscent of Iron Man.

The suit looks a lot nicer and brighter than Garfield's human-sized basketball, but it's still a contraption designed and crafted by a different superhero. It makes Spider-Man feel, act and talk like Iron Man, and it robs him of the "with great power comes great responsibility" motto as the ex-machina suit does everything for him, and will continue to in the next Avengers mess.


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