10 Ways You're Ruining Movies For Yourself

Think modern cinema's rubbish? Well it's all your own fault.

Hey you. Yeah, you. What do you make of the current state of movies? Getting a bit sick of remakes that remove whatever substance the original had in favour of audience baiting selling points? Think the latest movie everyone's raving about is predictable and unengaging? Want to cry every time you see Micahel Bay's name attached to a new reboot of a beloved franchise? Well, we hate to tell you this, but it's all your fault. You see, far from being an insignificant consumer, you can have a major impact not only on what movies get made, but also whether you actually enjoy what ends up in cinemas or not. But don't worry, there's something you can do about it. Today we're giving you ten ways you're ruining movies along with how you can fight it. While much of the blame for cinema's ills can be aimed in the direction of money obsessed studios and directors in it just for the money, as audiences we ourselves can improve the films we watch. Some of these are habits you can change straight away, others require on effort on the part of the entire film-going community, but they should highlight how much power over your enjoyment of cinema you have.
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